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Rubbish Update: December 2015

I have been avoiding writing this post, because I didn't want to have to face my slip-ups. As expected, December was a difficult month to avoid rubbish! We went tramping, then there was Christmas, then we went camping, and then New Years! A lot of activities and events that usually produce rubbish. Christmas was the hardest, while I didn't get many presents (which i am happy about) and most of my presents were edible, there was still some packaging involved, most notably the plastic wrap from my one non-edible gift and a box of Cadbury Favourites  I couldn't say no to (I am a chocolate fiend after all).  New Years and camping actually went pretty well due to a lot of planning on my part. I decided I wouldn't be too hard on myself over December as it was the holidays and all. I also bought some canned food items for the month, to make camping easier (I don't usually buy tins). Here's mine & the BF's rubbish for the month...

December's rubbish
We produced 47gms of landfill, there was quite a bit of it- I had to use a bigger bowl! There were our usual  envelope windows, produce stickers and pill packets. Christmas produced some larger bits of soft plastic that cannot be recycled and the rest was literally chocolate wrappers... whoops! 

As I mentioned in my camping post, we collected all of our compost scraps to take home and I did the same on Christmas day when there was no compost bin. We have a large compost bin and a worm farm at home, I've had the compost bin since I was 15 and the BF got the worm farm as a 21st birthday present. 

For this year I have put a sign on our bin and am planning to do an audit when the bin is full, I'm hoping this will be at least June. So far we haven't created too much trash, but I am having a declutter so that might find a few things I cannot donate or recycle, as well as items I already had and am slowly using up. When we have guests over I will direct them to the kitchen bin which the rest of our household uses, and will set up a small bin for the females who have not yet cottoned on to using a cup!

The sign on our bin advising not to put smelly items in it

Let me know how you got on with avoiding rubbish during the chaos that is Christmas!

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