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I did it! Zero Waste Nachos!


I mentioned a few months back that I love nachos and have been struggling to go without nachos as everything comes in plastic... Well tonight I finally did it! I had tried a couple of months ago to make my own corn chips, it was the biggest hassle and a bit of a fail, so I was so excited to finally find corn chips plastic free.

Corn Chips- I got these in my cloth bread bag from Mexicali Fresh in the city. They make them fresh and in-house. I just asked if I can get some corn chips takeaway in my own bag, I didn't buy anything else and wasn't eating in. The server said that wasn't weird and people often get corn chips takeaway, although he was a bit weird-ed out about putting the corn chips straight in to a cloth bag.

Beans- I bought pinto beans in bulk (I had run out of red kidney beans), soaked them overnight last night in homemade stock, boiled them, cooked them with onions, tomato paste and grated avocado seed and chucked in my food processor.

Cheese- I tried Kathryn from Going Zero Waste's vegan cheese nacho recipe. It was pretty tasty, however mine didn't turn out as well as hers, I am suspecting because of my food processor or because I used red kumara instead of red potato, and I didn't have any jalapenos.

Sour Cream- I used homemade yogurt that has gone a bit bitter. 

I already had every ingredient in my fridge/pantry, I only needed the corn chips and some veges.The only waste I had from the meal was a sticker from my avocado. I will admit that this wasn't the quick and easy nachos that everyone knows and loves, but they were super healthy and extremely satisfying as I knew I had finally achieved my goal of making waste free nachos! And they were delicious! I didn't feel guilty having a massive serving.

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