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What Have I Changed to go Waste Free?

What have I changed to go waste free? 
As I mentioned in the last post I was already using reusable bottles, bags, containers etc. I have an Eco Mailbox sticker for our letterbox, no more pesky junky mail- which was a large amount of our recycling each week. I also shopped predominately second hand, cooked vegetarian every night and composted. We were already living a fairly sustainable lifestyle, yet I found we still had to make some changes to make.

We still have many things to change and replace, but we will do this slowly overtime as we use up products such as pens, make-up, razors and shampoo. I reuse/re-purpose a lot of items already in our household, such as toothbrushes for cleaning, plastic containers for storage, and material and paper for crafts and potential sewing projects. I also really need to work on switching our household cleaning products for the kitchen and laundry. Hopefully I can inspire my housemates to ditch the plastic too, but this one may take a wee while. So far I have been enjoying the switch and finding alternative ways to shop or use products. I have been reading so many library books on zero waste living too. Let's hope I don't drive everyone in my household too crazy!

UPDATE 25/4/16: We have been using Greencane toilet paper for a few months now, the packaging is totally compostable (paper & cellulose) and the TP is made from left over sugarcane pulp.

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